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Handmade gold vermeil owl of wisdom talisman pendant

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Long favoured in jewellery design, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Inspired by Athena’s owl in Greek mythology, this handmade vermeil owl talisman makes a wonderfully unique jewellery gift- especially for your favourite scholar.

  • Owl talisman measures 2cm

  • Gold vermeil on sterling silver

  • Gold vermeil chain

Handmade in Thames Ditton, Surrey, this beautiful yellow gold vermeil owl talisman pendant is inspired by ancient folklore and the mythology which has surrounded owls for centuries.

Did you know?

  1. Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of warfare, crafts and wisdom, is often accompanied by her owl – Glaukopis.
  2. Owls represent wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge, due to its sharp vision and keen observation.

What is vermeil?

Vermeil is high quality plating for demi-fine jewellery. To qualify as vermeil, the jewellery must be fine or sterling silver and plated with a layer real gold. All Ravetta Designs vermeil jewellery is plated with a thick layer of 2.5 microns of vermeil.

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