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Honey bee talisman pendant

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Handmade in my Thames Ditton jewellery studio, this stylish talisman is a symbol of family. The humble honey bee is known for working hard and protecting its family, making this the perfect jewellery presents for you mum or someone who always looks out for you.

  • Handmade polymer clay honey bee talisman: 3cm

  • 24-inch antique brass curb chain with spring ring clasp

Each honey bee talisman pendant is hand crafted in emerald green clay and hand painted with metallic black gold paint. The pendant is then sealed with a protective varnish and suspended from a 24-inch antiqued brass chain.

Did you know?

  1. Inspired by the folklore surrounding honey bees, this handmade talisman symbolises community and family. Since ancient times, honey bees have been a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good luck.
  2. All worker bees are female

  3. If you want to attract more bees to your garden grow bright and colourful flowers

  4. If you find a bumblebee which appears to be struggling, it may be that it is just resting, particularly if the bee is a queen in early spring. If you think the bee is struggling the best thing to do is gently put the bee onto a bee-friendly flower. 

  5. If the bee is not near any flowers mix 50/50 white sugar and water to give the bumblebee a one-off energy boost with one or two drops, providing the carbohydrates it needs to fly.

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