Birth Flowers by month & their hidden meanings

Most people will know their birthstone but do you know your birthflower?
Dating back to the Roman Empire, birth month flowers are said to carry symbolic meanings and characteristics which help to determine your personality, much like a birthstone.
It is thought that birth month flowers originated in Roman time, when people first started to celebrate birthdays. Roman birthday celebrations involved decorating the alters of the gods with flowers and gifting particular flowers on particular months.
What's my Birth Flower?

January - the snowdrop 

For those born in January the snowdrop flower is your birth flower! These delicate flowers are one of the first flowers to bloom in the new year, their small bell-shaped white flowers symbolise hope and re-birth. Those who have the snowdrop as their birth flower are said to be down to earth and loyal.

February -  the violet

February’s birth flower is violet. Violets are dainty flowers recognised for their bold purple tones and heart-shaped petals. Violets are often a popular leading ingredient in love potions, know as the flower of love, it's easy to see why this is the birth flower of February. Those who have the violet as their brth flower are said to be  faithful, spiritual  and loyal.

March - the daffodil

The March birth flowers are daffodils. Celebrating the start of spring, these cheerful and radiant flowers represent new beginings and happiness. Daffodils feature vibrant yellow petals and a distinctive centre. Those who have the daffodil as their birth flower are said to be happy and easy going.

April - the daisy

Daisies are the April birth flower. Daisies symbolise innocence, bliss and purity. A symbol of innocence and new beginnings this humble wildflower is said to be one of the oldest flowers on earth. Those who have the daisy as their birth flower are said to be kind and humble.

May - the lily of the valley

The May birth flowers are the lily of the valley. Popular amongst brides, lily of the valley are delicate little florets that carry a beautiful sweet scent. They only bloom for a brief period of time and are rich in symbolism and mythology. Those who have the lily of the valley as their birth bloom are said to be happy, sweet and unique.

June - the rose

The Rose is the birth flower of June. A flower of love, the rose is a symbol of joy and beauty. Believed to be over 30 million years old, the rose is often featured in romantic poetry and novels. Those who have the rose as their birthday bloom are said to be loving and full of joy.

July - the water lily

Water lilies are the birth flower of July. Waterlilies are often found majestically floating on the surface of ponds of water and is said to symbolise innocence, purity, fertility and peace. Those who have the waterlily as thier bithday bloom are said to be confident and beautiful.

August - the poppy

August’s birth flower is the poppy, bright, beautiful and bold. Well-known for their bright red colour and black centre. They symbolise hope and remembrance. Those who have the poppy as their birth flower are said to be thoughtful and sentimental.

September - the aster

September birth flower is the aster. Asters, also known to bloom late into autumn, are unaffected by the cool, sometimes frosty nights. These delicate blooms feature tall and thin petals with a distinctive yellow centre, similar to daisies.  Asters symbolise powerful love, strength, wisdom and faith. Those with the Aster as their birth flower are said to be strong and loving.

October- the marigold

October's birth flower is the marigold. Marigold flowers are highly unique in their shape and texture, and are also recognised for their bright orange and yellow shaded petals. These cheerful blooms represent prosperity, optimism and the rising sun. Those who have the marigold as their birth bloom are said to always look on the bright side of life.

November - chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the official November birth flower. These are the perfect flower for autumn time due to their variety of bright and beautiful shades,they are known to symbolise friendship, happiness, well-being, romance and love. Those who have the chrysanthemum as their birthday bloom are said to be friendly and full of life!

December - the holly

The December birth flower is the holly. They feature distinctive sharp leaves and bright red berries, and are symbolic of the festive season. A symbol of fertility, eternal life, peace and goodwill. Those who have the holly as their birth flower are said to be the life of the party and be very family focused!


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