How to untangle a chain

How to untangle a chain

Necklaces and pendants are notorious for getting tangled - especially if you layer your pendants. To ease your frustration, I’ve created my top tips for untangling those pesky chains. These tips are quick easy and perhaps even slightly therapeutic! Follow these tips and never again will a tricky tangle stop you from wearing your favourite pendant or necklace.

Step one

Find a flat strong surface to work on – like a table or kitchen worktop

Step two

Unclasp the pendant or necklace, this is to separate the necklaces and make it easily to slip through the knots.

Step three

Apply a tiny amount of baby oil to the knot with a cotton bud, this will provide the chain with lubricate and make it easier to work the chain and untangle the knot.

If the knot is really tight gently rub the knot with baby oil until it starts to loosen.

Step four

Insert a pin into the centre of the knot and gently pull up to separate the chains. Work slowly so as not to damage the chain. If the knot is big you may need to work the pin into different parts of the knot until it loosens.

Step Five

Once you have untangled the knot rinse the baby off of the chain using warm running water and gentle dry with a towel.


Prevent your pendants and necklaces from future tangles by hanging them in a jewellery box or rolling them in a travel jewellery roll.

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