The Ultimate protection talisman: The Queen Bee

In folklore bees are magical creatures, protectors of woodland spirits, fairies and nymphs. They symbolise protection and family, and make a wonderful jewellery gift for mothers, old and new.

Did you know?

  • Since ancient times, honey bees have been a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good luck.
  •  All worker bees are female
  • If you want to attract more bees to your garden grow bright and colourful flowers 
  • Bees have been here about 30 million years!
  • Honey bees work together & live together in well organised families, and even have their own dance move called the ‘waggle dance’. The waggle dance is a clever way of communicating between themselves to tell their nest mates where to go to find the best source of food!


A symbol of protection and family, the humble bee has longer been favoured by jewellery designers as protective talismans

This beautifully detail sterling silver bee pendant features delicate wings and an intricately textured body. Suspended from an 18-inch chain this striking pendant is sure to receive lots of compliments!

How to save a tired bee

If you find a bumblebee which appears to be struggling, it may be that it is just resting, particularly if the bee is a queen in early spring.
If you think the bee is struggling the best thing to do is gently put the bee onto a bee-friendly flower.
If the bee is not near any flowers mix 50/50 white sugar and water to give the bumblebee a one-off energy boost with one or two drops, providing the carbohydrates it needs to fly.
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