Autumn jewellery moodboard

 As summer fades away, the leaves turn a spectrum of browns and oranges and a new season begins. A season of layers, hot chocolate and long Autumnal walks.

Pack away your summer clothes and pull out your favourite cosy jumpers and coats and revive your Autumn wardrobe with a timeless piece of new jewellery.

Discover a selection of favourite Autumnal pieces below and the stories behind them.

Tiger Eye

With its warmbands of cosy, yellows, golds and browns, this beautiful natural gemstone is perfect for the cooler British months.

Believed to aid the wearer in releasing fear and anxiety, and restoring harmony and balance, tiger eye is an incredibly popular gemstone.

Why not treat yourself to this beautiful tiger eye worry stone gemstone pendant? Suspended from a 24 inch


Dandelions are most commonly found in Spring and Fall, an ethereal wildflower surrounded in folklore magic. Believed to be good luck, the dandelion is often woven into a wedding bouquet or worn around the neck.

It is believed that if you blow on a white dandelion head and all the seeds scatter you are loved. If some seeds remain then your lover has reservations, although other folklore tales believe that the remaining seeds if fact indicated the number of children you would have.

Don’t forget to make a wish next time to blow on a dandelion – it might just come true!

Shop the silver dandelion talisman pendant


Botanical Dreams

Floral designs and flowery style elements are a fabulous way to breathe new life into your autumn wardrobe. Darker, atmospheric and gothic botanical styles replace light and fresh florals to bring your outfit style into the new season.

Why not treat yourself to something from the new silver wax seal talisman collection – this gothic lotus flower talisman with give your outfit a gothic autumnal vibe.


Starry Nights

 One of my favourite past times is star gazing, so as soon as the evenings get darker and colder I'll often head out to take it the beauty of the night sky. I never fail to be in complete awe of the magic of the starry night sky.

One of the best know constellations in Ursa Major or 'The Big Bear'. In folklore Ursa Major is Callisto a beautiful nymph, who was turned to a bear by Zeus’ wife Callisto. A symbol of passion and love, this constellation talisman features the big bear Ursa Major.

The perfect jewellery gift for someone who never stops looking up at the stars, this handmade silver constellation pendant is finished to a high polish and features a double sided design.

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